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Massage Therapy & Manual Osteopathic Therapy

Offering a holistic approach to wellness

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The Concept

Here at Arnica Therapeutic, we believe the body has the inherent ability to heal itself, and our role, as therapists, are simply to facilitate that. By incorporating science-based Osteopathic Philosophy into every treatment, we seek to Empower Your Health by providing a more wholistic approach.  

​​What is Osteopathic Philosophy?  


The ideology that the human body works as a whole, interconnected system and has a natural ability to protect and heal itself. Daily stresses, injury, and disease can throw the body off-kilter and unbalanced, disallowing the body's natural immunities to flourish. A therapist's job is to locate these imbalances through a thorough assessment and gentle treatment

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Registered Massage Therapy

A unique combination of therapeutic massage, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, and cupping.

60 minutes: $90

90 minutes: $145

120 minutes: $195

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Manual Osteopathic Therapy

A fascia-based modality that uses gentle manipulation to realign the body and facilitate healing. 

Initial Intake (75minutes): $125

Follow-up (60minutes): $110

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Opening Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 5-830

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 5-830

Friday: 5-830

Saturday: 10-6

Sunday: Closed


#302 10011 92st, Grande Prairie, AB



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